High Bay fixture with High-Power LEDs and 4 optic options


  • LUNABAY LED luminaire providing up to 23,650 lumens, specially designed for light retail, gym and light industrial spaces


  • Patented design (#D617493)
  • High performance LED design at up to 95 Lumens per watt
  • Low Electrical Load based on 129w total input
  • Optional 56, 84 and 112 High output LED configurations
  • 50,000 hours L70
  • 120v to 277v universal voltage drivers
  • Multiple drivers powering high output LEDs for fail-safe operation
  • 7 standard color options with available custom options
  • Low glare, smooth even distribution
  • 22 acrylic reflectors in translucent, suspended bead or clear options
  • 23" spun aluminum reflector option
  • RoHS
  • 56 LED Version is DLC Approved