Lowbay fixture with 30 High-Power LEDs with 12" acrylic refractor


  • The Lightwatt LED luminaire provides comfortable, high efficiency illumination on vertical and horizontal surfaces and is ideal for warehouses, shipping docks, stairwells, and espcially for low ceiling areas


  • The Lightwatt LED refractor projects light into, underneath and between industrial obstructions like HVAC ducts and electrical raceways
  • Provides 7% uplight to soften the brightness difference between the luminaire and the surrounding areas and provides a three dimensional luminous environment
  • Produces approximately 75 lumens per watt of low glare, high quality LED light
  • The computer designed refractor provides spacing to mounting height ratios up to 1.3:1
  • Housing is 99% copper free aluminum with a white Lektrocote Finish
  • Injection molded, high performance acrylic refractor
  • Operating temperature up to 40˚C